Your basement is a blank canvas, full of endless possibilities for transformation. Our Basement Interior Design Service will bring this room’s potential to life by releasing the cold, dark basements of the past and forging a warm, inviting retreat for the present. Whatever project you have in mind, whether expanding your functional living space or simply upgrading the storage area, the House of Design is here to take that transformational journey towards a beautiful and livable basement with you.

Basements are often the most neglected room of the house, yet they tend to hold the most potential. From studio apartments to family theatres, underground bars to a private work space, a teen’s bedroom or even a home gym…the basement can be remodeled in any way to suit you and your family perfectly.

Our Basement Interior Design service will align those needs with our creative vision by beginning with an open and transparent conversation that delves deep into your experiences, passions, and tastes. With a strong and clear foundation in place, we then unify today’s latest technologies and innovations with ancient sacred design principles to intentionally create a fabulous and functional basement space that is in harmony with the Cosmic Laws and Mother Earth. The House of Design team will ensure that the modifications to your basement are sustainable by considering the purpose of the room, maximizing the available space, and consciously choosing every detail – from lighting to flooring materials that can withstand the natural underground elements. 

Gone are the dreary, drab basements of before! We aim to create livable, polished spaces that encourage relaxation and retreat. Are you ready to transfigure your basement from eek to chic? Contact our Basement Interior Design Service in Toronto today!

Based in Toronto, Ontario, the House of Interior Design offers residential and commercial consultation and design services. We work by combining functional and beautiful design with ancient, sacred design principles and modern technology. Our creative and innovative team is passionate about bringing you an authentic and collaborative interior design experience, resulting in creating one of a kind spaces that are in alignment with your wants, needs, and budget.