At The House of Interior Design, we apply the principles of sacred ancient architecture and into our design projects while blending with the latest design trends, technology, and innovations. One principle that we apply is Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese philosophy that strives to find harmony and balance between the Earth’s elements. 

Feng Shui is often called the ‘art of placement’ and simply means positioning different elements to optimize energy or ‘Chi’. The word Feng means wind and Shui means water – twp basic elements that ebb and flow around the world, essential to human existence.  The principles of Feng Shui are primarily used in interior design because the Feng Shui analysis tools can easily be applied in the context of a home or business. Instead of simply focusing on just the aesthetic of a space, consideration and emphasis are placed on success, healthy relationships, and physical/mental health attracted through positive energy flow. 

There are five important elements in Feng Shui – metal, earth, water, fire, and wood, which all have different symbolism. Metal symbolizes logic and intelligence, earth symbolizes stability and balance, fire symbolizes passion and energy, wood symbolizes vitality, and growth. In Feng Shui interior design Toronto, a Bagua Map is a commonly used tool. This helps to analyze the energy in a particular space and provide guidance on what elements can be incorporated into the space to attract a more positive energy flow. There are nine quadrants on the Bagua map with a colour and element associated with each. The nine quadrants are Helpful People, Wealth, Fame, Love, Family, Health, Children, Wisdom, and Career.

Feng Shui Interior Design Toronto 

For Feng Shui interior design Toronto services, contact The House of Interior Design. We will analyze the unique energy in your home or business and use it as a guiding design principle. Our services will bring more balance and joy into your space and create a positively charged environment that attracts healing energy and positivity into all areas of your life – and your space will look beautiful. 

Whether you are seeking a Feng Shui consultation, full Feng Shui interior design services, or Feng Shui design for construction projects, contact us today to discuss your project.