Feng Shui: Decorating With The Wood Element

Feng shui is a powerful and fun way to not only decorate your home, but enhance the vibrant, loving, and positive energy in your space. We know that successful feng shui stems from properly utilizing the 5 elements throughout your home, but in this article we will take a closer look at how to incorporate the Wood Element.


What Is The Wood Element?

The wood element resonates with the energy of vitality, growth, kidneness, flexibility, and good-heartedness. If any of these areas of your life feel out of balance, incorporating more of the wood element can help shift the energy. The wood element is represented by brown, green, and even teal tones. The green symbolizes upward growth and unlimited expansion, which is only possible from a place of strength, stability, and groundedness – cultivated by the brown.


When And Where To Incorporate The Wood Element

If your life has been feeling stagnant and your energy is low, it may be time to harness the energy of the wood element! The wood element is perfect for those times that you may be feeling confused, need a breakthrough, or want to strengthen your health.

According to the Classic Bagua Map, the wood element should be focused in the East, Southeast, and Southern areas of your home. If you are more familiar with the Western Bagua Map, then incorporate this element into the Health + Family, Money + Abundance, and Fame + Reputation quadrants of your home.

Decorating With The Wood Element

    • Indoor Plants: Perhaps the simplest (and arguably most beneficial) way to decorate with the wood element is by adding living plants to your interior space. Choose plants that resonate with you, and watch as your life begins to bloom. Taking care of other living things will help you to cultivate kindness and compassion. In return, the plants will add life affirming chi to your space by purifying the air.


  • Paint An Accent Wall: Bring more of the wood element into your space by painting an accent wall! Living room, powder rooms, or even bedrooms can all benefit from a teal, green, or blue accent wall. These colors are also known for their calming and healing properties, bringing more than the wood benefits into your home. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can opt for wallpaper with botanical imagery or long, vertical shapes.
  • Home Accessories: Decorative items are a skillful way of incorporating all five elements into your home. For wood specifically, you can incorporate decorative pillows in the associated colors. Or go bold with a teal couch or green armchair. Since wood is also represented by tall shapes (like a trunk!)curtains or decorative columns are another decorative element that can harness the energy of wood. Don’t be afraid to play around with decorative trinkets, linens, and even artwork.