How to Apply Feng Shui at Home


When looking to incorporate feng shui into your home, you may initially feel overwhelmed. Where do you begin? What if the room is already decorated? Thankfully, once feng shui has been incorporated into your home, you will feel a lot more peace and far less overwhelm. We have compiled some basics to help you get started.

Check Your Commanding Positions

Feng Shui is often called the ‘art of placement’ and simply means positioning different elements to optimize energy or ‘Chi’. So the first step is to check your commanding positions. These positions apply to important furniture features in your home. Your bed represents you, your desk represents your career, and your stove represents your wealth. To receive optimal positive energy, position these items so that you can see the door when using them . Your back should not be turned to it, nor should you be directly in line with it, but you should be able to see it.

Apply Vertical Shapes Within Your Space

Vertical items represent growth and expansion. Vertical lighting, a tree in a corner, bookshelves, or an accent line painted on the wall are all great ways to incorporate the energy of expansion into your home.

Stay Fresh, Stay Clean

Clutter does nothing for your mental clarity, or your interior aesthetic. According to feng shui, this clutter can also prevent valuable incoming energy from making its way to you. Try to clean your workspace each day, and take the time to clean spaces that are often overlooked such as windows and baseboards. It is especially important to keep your entryway clutter free and open.

Add More Plants & Incorporate Metal

When in doubt – always add more plants! While there are specific ones that can benefit different areas of your life, overall any plant is a good plant as they all embody life energy, enhancing freshness and vitality within the space. Metal is also necessary to balance the increase of earth energy. This element can be added using sculptures or other accent pieces to help with clarity, sharpness, productivity, calming and balancing energies.

We hope these guidelines help you get started. If you are looking for a more in-depth dive into feng shui and how it can be applied to your interior space, feel free to get in touch with us today! Contact our amazing team for design assistance today at (416) 561-2691  or (647) 478-9240.